Simple colors
Total white: all white, without small blots or nuances of other color.

White: soiled white with lightly blonde nuance usually in the ears,
The upper part of neck, ridge, on surface of tail and very very little in the legs.

Total black: all black with or without white blot in breast.

Black with small white blots in the breast, in the end of legs and in the
end of tail.

Blonde: with black or no muzzle, with his nuances from the color of straw up to the the color of dorka'das with or without white blot in breast.

Total blonde

Complex Colors

White-black, white-blonde, stripy (blonde with black striations).
Black-redish that is to say the base of the hair is black with big reddish blots
mainly in the breast, muzzle, almost from the forearm and the shin up to soles, and two small above the eyes.