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The Cretan Pathfinder exists for 4000 years
It comes from the hound dogs that they brought from Egypt the tradesmen of Crete and the Palms (race) around 2000 years before Christ.

Concretely from a hunting race that existed there small, with up straight ears, wriggle tail and wrinkles on the face similarly with the current African dog Bazenzi that archaeologists named " Dogs of Heopa ".


Exist reports in Ancient Greek texts, but also archaeological discoveries that testifies the existence of Cretan hound.


The statuette of Cretan dog that is found in museum of Heraklion as well as
and his representations from the Minoan Years.


The elements become fewer and the matter is being discussed again by various sightseers in 17th, 18th and in the beginning of 19th century.

The last years householders of similar dogs as well as and dog fanciers were addressed in the Dr St. Basurakos which with precise examination-study 
worked out the national morphological type of Cretan Pathfinder.

Today the Cretan Pathfinder has been recognized from the Group of Greece  (KOE) and it is his member.